15 Things We Often Forget To Clean

Olena Loun Cleaning Tips, Living Spaces

We can spend a lot of time keeping our house clean (see a typical house cleaning list). But we often overlook or leave for later cleaning things that become dirty quiet fast. Here is the list of 15 things we often forget to clean:

  1. Toothbrush holder
  2. Vacuum cleaners
  3. Under major appliances
  4. Mobile phones
  5. Computer keyboard & mouse
  6. Handbags
  7. Credit cards
  8. Light switches
  9. Favorite pens
  10. Door knobs
  11. Under bed
  12. Shower curtains
  13. Blinds
  14. Trash cans
  15. Book shelves

What things do you forget to clean? I would love to hear from you.