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Office Cleaning Services in Jacksonville, FL

Clean4Real can provide commercial cleaning services for your business needs. Maintaining a clean, organized and well-controlled environment is a necessity in keeping your business running smoothly. A clean office promotes a professional image and enhances the work experience for your employees. If you are looking for Jacksonville janitorial and commercial office cleaning services, be assured that Clean4Real will provide high quality commercial cleaning service. We provide janitorial services for general offices, schools, pre-schools and day care centers, medical offices, churches, fitness centers etc.

You can schedule Jacksonville office cleaning services from daily or weekly to once per month, depending on your business cleaning needs. We provide all necessary commercial cleaning service tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions. We have the resources and expertise to get the job done right every time.

Please use our form or call us at 904-274-0084 to schedule a free on site estimate of your facility or campus. We will provide you with a detailed proposal shortly after the tour of your business site.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Disinfect and kill germs on hard surfaces.

Vacuuming & Mopping

Keep your floors clean and improve indoor air quality.

Dusting & Trash Removal

Keep your work space dust & trash free.

You can expect the following when scheduling your commercial cleaning:

  • Office Areas

    • Sweep and mop all hard surface floors
    • Vacuum all carpets, including behind doors
    • Clean front door glass inside and out
    • Dust pictures, tables, desks, window sills
    • Disinfect door knobs, light switches
    • Empty/remove all trash, replace trash liners

  • Bathrooms

    • Wipe clean partitions walls and top surfaces
    • Clean and sanitize all sinks and countertops
    • Clean and sanitize all toilets and urinals
    • Shine mirrors, glass, chrome, and fixtures
    • Refill paper products and soap dispensers

  • Kitchen / Break Room

    • Clean and sanitize all sinks, fixtures, counters, and tables
    • Refill paper products and soap dispensers
    • Disinfect door knobs and other high touch areas
    • Mop floors

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