Things You Should Know Before Hiring Home Cleaning Service

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hiring home cleaning service

How Do You Know It is Time for Hiring Home Cleaning Service?

You hate to clean. Actually, you don’t even have time for that. And your house is a mess. You might be surprised, but most of the people feel the same way. As you are thinking about hiring a home cleaning service, here are a few tips to help you with the process.

Human cleaners are great, but they are not super-heroes

Professional cleaners are good at what they do. But they can’t clean a master bathroom in 5 minutes. If you think that every speck of dust can be found and removed, you might be setting yourself up for a disappointment. They aspire to clean every surface and every corner, but they are humans – they make mistakes. Do not worry. Call the office, and, in most cases, they will send someone to take care of the issue.

Leave your home while it’s being cleaned

There is something special about coming back to a freshly cleaned home. Besides, very few people like it when someone is looking over their shoulder while they work. The point is, professional cleaning companies screen their employees, conduct background checks, and are bonded and insured. The cleaners will use the utmost care while in your home and on your property.

To Tip or Not to Tip

Tipping is not necessary, but it is a nice gesture to show appreciation. You might also include a tip if you’re a real slob or you leave the cleaner with a particularly nasty job, such as cleaning up after your shedding golden retriever. Think about this; a professional cleaner is in your home, touching virtually all of your possessions. Cleaning is a physically demanding job. House cleaners are constantly bending down, scrubbing, walking up and down stairs, reaching up high, and moving heavy things around. And if hard work isn’t enough, remember that they’re dealing with all your dirty stuff! Small bonus payments go a long way…keeps your workers happy and willing to go that extra step in cleaning your house.

To clean or not to clean

Actually, many people get their home “ready” for the arrival of the cleaning team. Well, you’re paying someone to clean your house, so why are you taking the time to clean it before she gets there? Doesn’t that kind of defeat the whole purpose of having someone come to clean in the first place? If you want the cleaning team to be able to clean, then you have to put away all the clutter and junk you have lying around everywhere so she can actually access whatever surface she’s trying to shine, polish, disinfect, or all of the above.  Many residential cleaning companies have a house cleaning checklist.  In order to clean all the items on that list, such as baseboards, bed-side tables, chairs, etc., declutter those areas.

Why 1 hour might be not enough to clean a house?

It easy to assume that if you clean your own house fast, a professional house cleaner should be able to do it even faster. This is a misconception. Cleaning your own home grants you a permission to skip certain areas, clean only what you see as important. An example of that would be a bathroom, where a homeowner might wipe down only the counter, a mirror, and a toilet seat. A professional cleaner would make sure that everything gets cleaned, including the floor behind the toilet, shower glass, window frames, mop the floor, etc. That, in fact, takes longer.

Being realistic about your house cleaning service would make it a great experience. If you communicate your concerns to the cleaning company management, they would be happy to address them. They really want to get it right. They want to make you happy.