Holiday Trash Attraction for Thieves

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trash cleaning holidays Now that you’ve opened all the gifts, what do you do with the packaging? Of course, you take it to the curb. After all, you’ve the gifts that you’ve been hoping for and, unless you are a one-year-old, you don’t care about the wrappings and packaging. However, there are others who might be interested in your packaging. Holiday trash attraction is a real threat to the safety of your home. Police is warning, that thieves are scanning neighborhoods, hoping that the packaging you’ve left in your trash would tell them exactly what gifts you’ve got in your house.

Driving through the Jacksonville, FL neighborhoods on Wednesday morning, we saw several homes where new tv packaging and other expensive item boxes were on display at the curb, waiting to be collected.

Another threat that you might be facing, is an identity theft. If you leave packaging scraps outside, they might include your name, address and possibly, your phone number and email.


1. Wait a few days before you trash your gift packaging.

2. Cut it up before you take it to the curb.

3. Take your holiday packaging to the drop-off locations

4. Shred all the papers, mail that include important information about your identity.

5. Write down serial numbers and take pictures of your items. It might be easier to recover them if they end up in a pawn shop.