Speed Clean Your House

Olena Loun Cleaning Tips

Whether you are expecting guests or just want to do a quick clean, follow our tips to speed clean your house.

bedroom cleaningBedrooms / Living Areas:

Collect scattered books, magazines and other small items in a basket. You can put them back where they belong later, when you have a free time. Vacuum the floors. Straighten the pillows, cushions, bed covers, table cover. Dust horisontal surfaces and clean the mirrors.

kitchen cleaningKitchen:

Load the dishes into a dishwasher, or place them in a sink with warm soapy water. Meanwhile, clean the stove, table tops, cabinets and refrigerator. Place all extra utensils, pots and pans in drawers or cabinets. What is left now is to finish the dishes, unless you’ve placed them in a dishwasher, and mop the floor.

bathroom cleaningBathroom:

Empty the trash basket in a plastic bag – the bathroom looks cleaner right away. Flash the toilet, apply cleaning solutions inside the bowl and around the rim, and let it do the magic for 5 minutes. Spritz multi-puprpose cleaning solution onto paper towels or microfiber cloth and clean the mirrors, faucets, countertops, and sinks. Now, it’s time to finish cleaning the toilet. Mop the floor, streighten the towels, and your bathroom is ready.

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