5 Tricks to Make Your House Look Clean

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There are times when you just don’t have enough time to clean, but still want your home to look clean.  Well, follow these 5 tricks to make your house look clean.  It’s a quick fix, but it works.

house look clean

What to Clean?

1.  Smell.
Even a “clean” home, for some reason, can smell a little funky once in a while. A “careless” pet, a couple of kids, and a trash can with a few banana peels can give your house that “I wonder what’s that stink” feeling. Here’s how you can give your home a more pleasant smell:

  • Try to identify and take care of the source of smell. If it is not immediately obvious, check the common problem areas: closets, pet areas, trash, cabinets, kitchen sink, garbage disposal, or a laundry room.
  • Let some fresh air in.  If possible, open any windows or doors that have screens so that air can circulate.
  • Create a more pleasant scent.  Light up a scented candle or oil, place satchels of dried lavender or cinnamon sticks around your home, or simmer herbs and spices on the stove.

2.  Clutter Control. Pick-up out of place items and put them away, organize your mail and bills in neat piles (putting a rock or a shell on top would make it look much neater).  The emptier your counters, the cleaner your kitchen looks.

3. The Floors. Sweep and mop – there is no better solution to keep the floors clean from dust, dirt, hair, and anything else that would make the room look dirty.  A clean floor makes a room look, and even smell cleaner right away.

4.  Pet hair. Even if you have a sparkling clean house, if your sofa is covered with a layer of dog or cat fur, it suddenly looks less tidy. Keep a rubber glove or your favorite pet hair busting product on hand to knock it all down in a few sweeps.

5.  Make the bed. I’ve always believed that even if a bedroom is completely trashed, making the bed will make it look 75% cleaner right away. After all, the bed usually takes up the largest portion of the room and your eye is drawn to it.

How do you keep your home clean? I would be happy to hear from you.

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