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5 Steps to Organize Your Garage

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If your car doesn’t fit inside your garage anymore, and you (secretly) have been using that space as a dumping area, you might need to take care of that clutter. Clean and organize your garage with these quick and easy 5 steps. 1. Divide and Conquer. Start by making four piles: sell, donate, pitch, and store. It makes sense to …

Things You Should Know Before Hiring Home Cleaning Service

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How Do You Know It is Time for Hiring Home Cleaning Service? You hate to clean. Actually, you don’t even have time for that. And your house is a mess. You might be surprised, but most of the people feel the same way. As you are thinking about hiring a home cleaning service, here are a few tips to help …

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Residential Cleaning Services in Jacksonville, FL

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Residential Cleaning Services Clean4Real offers quality residential cleaning services in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas.  You can request a one time cleaning, or ongoing maintenance cleanings once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly.  We also offer move-in and move-out services.  Whether you would like to get a renting deposit back or just to clean the space before moving in, we will deliver …

5 Tricks to Make Your House Look Clean

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There are times when you just don’t have enough time to clean, but still want your home to look clean.  Well, follow these 5 tricks to make your house look clean.  It’s a quick fix, but it works. What to Clean? 1.  Smell. Even a “clean” home, for some reason, can smell a little funky once in a while. A …

9 Habits of a Clean Home

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Cleaning, most likely, is not on everyone’s list of fun things to do. But if you make a little effort keeping things in order, you will save a lot of free time for your weekends. I am sure that you wouldn’t mind having your home ready, any day of the week, for the guests. I hope that these 9 habits …

Spring Checklist for a Smooth-running Home

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It’s that time of the year again. The days are getting longer and warmer, grass starts getting greener… Well, it’s time to do some home maintenance. 1. Set-up outdoor furniture. If you had to put your outdoor furniture in storage for the winter, now is the time to get it out. If you had it out for the whole winter, …

Seven Quick Tips to Keep Your Home Tidy

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Whether you clean your home yourself or have hired a cleaning company to do it, your home will not look clean if it is not tidy and organized. Even if you have a home-cleaning service every week, you would prefer them scrubbing bathtubs, mopping floors, and vacuuming your house to tidying and organizing. So, what could you do to keep …


DIY Cleaning Solution with Hydrogen Peroxide, Dawn and Soda.

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I have had a few requests to share this DIY cleaning solution with Hydrogen Peroxide, Dawn and soda again. Please share it, so you would have it handy next time you need to clean a stain. This DIY stain remover works on every stain I’ve tried it on. There is no need to buy oxyclean again! The mixture is: 1 …

Holiday Trash Attraction for Thieves

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Now that you’ve opened all the gifts, what do you do with the packaging? Of course, you take it to the curb. After all, you’ve the gifts that you’ve been hoping for and, unless you are a one-year-old, you don’t care about the wrappings and packaging. However, there are others who might be interested in your packaging. Holiday trash attraction …